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Dry season may worsen woes

Breaking Earth News: Fiji Islands
Jan 31, 2007
The water situation is so bad for many families that they no longer care who is in power as long as their water supply problems are solved. But, what is equally worrying is the unpredictable weather patterns. The moderate El Nino phenomenon is affecting the region, causing suppressed rainfall over Fiji. "The El Nino emerged as a weak one around September last year (which is rather unusual as it usually emerges in Feb/March) and has gradually developed into a moderate event. It is likely to gradually dissipate in the coming two-three months but its overall effect over Fiji may continue for a couple more months." It would certainly have a substantial impact on rainfall and distribution across Fiji, with gradually more and more sites reporting below average (40-80 per cent of normal) to well below average (under 40 per cent) rainfall. "Recent weeks have shown very little rainfall occurring over much of the country...The country is not in a full drought situation as yet and given that we are going through what is usually the wettest part of the wet season (January-March) there is still hope of reasonable rainfall (as scattered as it may be) to bring about some relief to the water shortage and stress on shallow rooted crops and vegetation being faced in parts of the Western, Northern and Eastern divisions."
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