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Bulgaria Braces for Another Mid-Winter Heatwave

Weather Observations: Bulgaria
Photo: These early-flowering blossoms, snowdrops and primroses may wish they had waited a little longer.

Jan 22, 2007
RECORD-BREAKING TEMPERATURES surprised even experts from the National Institute of meteorology and hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Sunday with highs in the mid-twenties in the dead of winter. Temperatures at present are twenty degrees centigrade above average for this time of year. The erratic weather is set to continue into the week with temperature reaching 25'C in some places, meteorologists say. A forecast issued by the Institue of Meteorolgy predicts this week they will be witnessing ONE OF THE WARMEST WINTER DAYS ON RECORD. Bulgaria together with Greece have been experiencing a mid-winter heatwave since the beginning of January and the FREAKISH weather is starting to take its toll. The flu has been particularly vicious this year due to the warm and moist weather across the country; bees are looking for flowers and bears are wide awake searching for food. Primroses are flowering in mid-January in warm, blustery conditions more suited to April than mid-winter. December was unseasonably warm, too, the HOTTEST SINCE 1988. Unsurprisingly, that succession of warm months ensured that 2006 WAS THE WARMEST YEAR ON RECORD in Bulgaria. And so far this year, if the weather continues as it has been, they will be in for the WARMEST JANUARY SINCE RECORDS BEGAN too.
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