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Beijing forecasts heavy spring sandstorms

Breaking Earth News: Sandstorm Forecast for China
Photo: April 10, 2006—Shielding his eyes, a man struggles through a sandstorm in the Gansu Province of China today.
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BEIJING, Jan 22 (Reuters) - Beijing is likely to suffer more-severe sandstorms than normal this spring due to an unusually mild and dry winter, local media reported on Monday.
Higher-than-average temperatures and little snowfall could exacerbate the problem when heavy winds sweep across northern China, the Beijing News said, citing the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau.
"This warm, dry weather loosens the soil, and when the wind lifts in spring, sandstorm conditions can easily develop," the paper quoted BEPB chief Shi Hanmin, as saying.
"Because of this, Beijing this spring could possibly face severe sandstorm pollution."
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