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Rare Cyclonic Storm over Nothern Argentina

A RARE cyclonic storm inundated Argentina and Paraguay. A low-pressure weather system over the heart of South America developed into an UNUSUAL cyclonic storm in mid-May. The storm “remained quasi-stationary for 48 hours and was incredibly symmetric, resembling a tropical cyclone in the middle of the continent.” On May 22, with clear skies all around, the ball of clouds hung over the border between Argentina and Paraguay. 

Near the top center of the storm, the clouds had a boiling appearance that is often associated with towering thunderstorms. Near the bottom of the storm, a few wispy streamers of clouds suggest the clockwise inward spiral of the storm. “Any kind of cyclonic formation is VERY RARE in the Chaco region of northern Argentina and Paraguay. This system...unleashed heavy rain (over 200 mm) in Paraguay and displaced 500 people."
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