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Tuvalu struggles to hold back tide

Video: The King Tide hits the islands of Tuvalu
The BBC's David Shukman takes a closer look at how the Pacific Ocean is reclaiming the remote Tuvalu islands.

The South Pacific

The fragile strips of green that make up the small islands of Tuvalu are incredibly beautiful but also incredibly vulnerable.

Factors behind sea level rise

The group of nine tiny islands in the South Pacific only just break the surface of the ocean - but for how much longer?

During a King Tide, which is what the islanders call the highest tides of the year, waves rolling off the ocean can have a devastating effect.

The islands' main road is submerged and nearby homes are threatened by the rising waters.

"We have never seen this in the past," a concerned resident tells me. "We have never seen water coming in this far."

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