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Ocean swallows town

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Brazil, S.A.

The Brazilian town of Atafona, is being swallowed by the ocean as rising temperatures speed up erosion.

Researchers say a total of 183 buildings have been destroyed and the Marine lighthouse moved twice in the past 30 years.

Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Featured Speakers:

  • Professor Gilberto Ribiero, Coordinator of the Atafona project at the Institute of Geoscience, saying: (Portuguese)
    "Global warming is a fact, it is happening and nature is responding. One of the answers, for example, is the strengthening of the winds. The winds are stronger and in this region (Atafona) we saw here, the winds provoke the waves which will provoke sea erosion."
  • Atafona's oldest resident Belita Pedra, saying: (Portuguese)
    "This house right there, is my sixth home. The ocean took everything away. People had very good houses here, but the ocean swept everything away. My son-in-law became tired of building houses and losing the

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