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Typhoon Wipha Grows Into Category 4 Storm

Interactive Map: Click Image Above learn more about the intense hurricanes of 2007

Breaking Storm News
Southeast Asia
Thirteen(13) Category 4 or 5 storms recorded so far this year around the Globe

Typhoon Wipha has grown into a Category 4 hurricane, with winds clocking at upwards of 138 mph, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

According to a hurricane track on Weather Underground, it appears that the storm will strike close to Shanghai Wednesday, and near the border of North and South Korea Thursday.

There have been 13 Category 4 or Category 5 storms recorded this year around the world. The number of strong storms could be significant if controversial predictions about global warming prove correct. Increased ocean temperatures could make storms stronger, leading to an overall increase in the number of the strongest storms.

Here is a list of the storms. Click the map located above for more information about each.

  • Cyclone Dora: Category 4
  • Cyclone Favio: Category 4
  • Cyclone Indlala: Category 4
  • Cyclone Gonu: Category 5
  • Typhoon Yutu: Category 4
  • Super Typhoon Man-Yi: Category 4
  • Typhoon Usagi: Category 4
  • Super Typhoon Sepat: Category 5
  • Hurricane Flossie: Category 4
  • Hurricane Dean: Category 5
  • Hurricane Felix: Category 5
  • Typhoon Nari: Category 4
  • Typhoon Wipha: Category 4

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