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Vog advisory declared due to sulfur from Anatahan volcano

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March 09, 2007
GUAM - a foul, egg-like smell has been in the air lately, it's most likely from sulfur. According to the National Weather Service the odorous smell is most likely coming from the Anatahan volcano in the Northern Marianas. The volcano is not erupting, but does have a tendency to spew out gases like sulfur on a regular basis. For such volcanic gasses to reach Guam from Anatahan, the wind conditions must be just right. In this case wind is blowing into Guam from the direction of Anatahan. This facet, combined with salt spray, is causing the haze-like conditions and the sulfur smell. The wind direction is expected to change in a day or two. Until that happens, the Guam Environmental Protection Agency along with the Office of Guam Homeland Security and the Office of Civil Defense has issued a volcanic smog ("vog") advisory
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