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East Coast deluge claims 10 lives, weakens dam

Sinkhole swallows up two truck drivers in upstate New York
[Photo: As water rises above the banks of the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia Water Department workers remove submerged sand bags to reuse and protect a fire house and nearby homes.]

June 28, 2006
SIDNEY, N.Y. - Torrential rain across the Northeast has caused the deaths of at least 10 people — including two truck drivers swallowed up by a sink hole Wednesday — forced 2,200 people to flee a weakened Maryland dam, and led Coast Guard crews to rescue dozens from rooftops in Pennsylvania.
New York state troopers said the truck drivers were in two tractor-trailers swallowed up by a 25-foot-deep gap that crosses all four lanes of Interstate 88 in upstate New York. A flooded creek under the road washed out all four lanes.
Located about 35 miles northeast of Binghamton, the hole is 50 feet wide and forced officials to close a 30-mile stretch of the highway. Two bridges in the area were damaged.
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